Message to parents

We believe it takes both a good influence at church as well as from the whole family to raise great kids. Our goal is to help parents raise great kids by providing the best possible programming for students, while equipping parents with the resources necessary to disciple their teens and raise amazing adolescents. We want to support you being a great parent and spiritual leader in your children's lives. Great parents understand that they share the responsibility with the church to influence their kids in the direction of Jesus.

message to teens

If you’re looking for somewhere to build solid friendships and learn about your intended purpose in life, One-Eighty is the place! So many of us have questions about why we exist, is God real, and why do we even need to know about Jesus? If that sounds like you,  join us for student services that are packed with games, laughs, and messages that aim to speak to your heart and inspire you to want to live for something greater than this world. God loves you and wants a relationship with you, and One-Eighty is here to prove that. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to go to a cheesy, lame church event.” I completely agree, because if it was lame… I’d want to leave too. I hate lame and cheesy and make it my goal to lead a group that is everything but that! Give us a try – bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable. All are welcome… I look forward to meeting you!

1Eighty Meetings:
Sunday Nights (Check schedule for Summer Weeks)
6th-12th Grade
6:30-8:30 @ Wheeling Campus

Summer 2017 Calendar

Find out what's going on at 1Eighty this Spring semester and come get involved! Here's a look at our calendar.

1Eighty Events


The griz podcast for guys

To help boys become men and to help men become better men... Guys you've been challenged to step it up and live the life God calls all men to live.

Jason George (Narrowtrail Ministries)

the griz podcast for guys

Daily devotions

Start your day right by getting into God's Word! Click below to read a daily teen devo.

Josh McDowell

Josh Mcdowell ministry

What they Say?

I really enjoy going to one-eighty because both the people who attend and the leaders are kind and encouraging. I feel like I get a lot out of the teaching...

Noah R.


What they Say?

1Eighty has really opened doors for me in the church and has truly effected me as a person. It's allowed me to make friends that I know will last forever and is honestly my favorite thing about Sundays.

Jillian B.


What they Say?

It's a great place to grow in your relationship with your peers as well as with God. It is a fun environment for people our age.

Trip M.


What they Say?

One-Eighty is my second family. Not only do I enjoy getting close to other people, but I enjoy getting closer in my relationship with God.

Jordan S.


Mission Trip

Please Pray for our Mission Trip team as we prepare to serve the community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our team is made up of 19 students and 6 adult leaders. The trip is from July 16-July22. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and ask any member of our team.


Next two meetings will be June 18th and July 9th.

Parent/teen meeting

July 6... Please RSVP by emailing 180@vineyardwheeling.com

Sermon Series

This series takes a walk through the book of James and the necessary obedience that we are called to live by when we state that we follow Christ.
Although it is not clear which James authored the epistle and possibly the oldest book in the New Testament, we are still considering this to be a Part 2 in our series "Sons of Zebedee." This does not solidify a stance stating that we believe the book was penned by the Son of Zebedee (brother of John) seeing that he is only one of four possible authors. The book was believed to have been written around mid 40s AD to mid 60s AD.
Since James, Son of Zebedee, died around 44 AD, the epistle would have had to been written close to the time of his death. Another possible and likely author was James the oldest half-brother of Christ who was martyred around 62 AD. Two other possible, but unlikely, creators of this epistle are James, the father of Thaddaeus, and James, son of Alphaeus.

Series starts on 6/4... Come Join Us!



Mission Trip Team
Milwaukee, WI


























One-eighty leaders

Orin redmond

Chinchilla Farmer

Orin's dream job (other than being a youth pastor) would be the International Spokesperson for nature's greatest carbonated beverage (the Dew). He loves fast walks on the beach, loud explosions, and a good game of shoot the person in the face with a Nerf gun. Orin has two amazing children, Noah (the next great scientist that will be put in charge of saving the world from the most horrific evil villain) and Baylie (the future most horrific evil villain). He also has a wonderful wife, Kiersten, that is now an expert at dealing with sarcasm and corny jokes.


spider Hunter

Kiersten spends her days dealing with the complaints and whining of two little children (3 if you count her husband). She works at Oglebay and loves spending time hiking or running outdoors. Her favorite place to vacation is anywhere with a coastal beach and warm temperatures. Kiersten currently struggles with an addiction to Oreos and watching cheesy reality television.



Erin loves the Lord and is excited to see what He has planned for her generation. She is currently finishing an Associates Degree in Business and also trains horses on the side. Erin recently went on her first international mission trip last year to Ecuador and can't wait to see how God uses her in future missions opportunities.

Josh aka "Spanky"

The Not so little Rascal

Spanky has four major loves in his life aside from Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior... Family, Friends, Food, and Fun! Josh grew up in Glen Dale, WV and attended John Marshall High School. He later got involved in Young Life and was a leader for 6 years (3 at Park and 3 at John Marshall). Spanky enjoys sports and everything related to sports including playing, watching, and coaching. Being outdoors is also important to Josh.


Founder of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Chad has two kids and has been married to Jill Long for 22 years. He drives the street sweeper for the City of Wheeling where he is pickin' up what the people are puttin' down. He also has been in the Air Force / Air Force reserves for 22 years. Chad has been to 9 different countries and 22 states. He likes to go hiking, rafting, biking and will eat just about anything on a dare.


Fan club organizer for Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Jill has two kids and is married to Chad. Her middle name is Ellen and if you say it together very fast it sounds a bit ridiculous! She has panned for gold in California, tasted salt from Salt Lake in Utah, climbed across Devils Bridge in Arizona, and stood inside a giant redwood tree. She has had many jobs, some were selling vacuum cleaners door to door, telemarketing, and a customer service rep at a store in California where hardly anyone spoke English. Jill hates bats and sees no reason for their existence.


Champion cat herder

Myron is the Highlands Campus Pastor. At 24 years old, he aims to seek Christ in all he does. Favorite foods include: Any food. Myron received a B.S. in Mathematics from West Liberty University. Seriously... that's real...  feel free to make fun of him. Jelron likes all sports (except cheerleading... which he does not consider to be a sport). He tends not to social with media and instead loves to social with people. If you need him for something, hit him up. He is always available... no really... he has no life.


He's Back

Chuck currently attends West Liberty University and studies Accounting. He is also a member of WLU's Fishing Team. Chuck enjoys the outdoors (especially fishing) and often stays busy watching Pittsburgh Penguins hockey with friends or working/studying. Chuck's favorite food is a combination of mixed vegetables and when he grows up he would like to star in his very own fishing show that airs on ESPN 3 as the lunch time special.

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